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Cal-Amo® supports normal cellular pH.*

Contains compounds that are useful in supporting proper acid/alkaline balance
Supports respiratory function*
How does Cal-Amo help support proper acid/alkaline balance?
Ammonium chloride is converted by the liver into urea.1 This reaction liberates hydrochloric acid, which immediately reacts with buffers in body fluids to acidify tissues.2 Proper pH balance in body fluids enhances respiratory function.3*

How does the calcium in Cal-Amo support health?
Among many other important functions, calcium plays a role in immune system efficiency. While the human body requires calcium daily for many different reasons, nutritional surveys suggest that Americans could use supplemental calcium to make up for dietary shortfalls.4*

How does the magnesium in Cal-Amo support health?
White blood cells contain small amounts of magnesium, which plays a significant role in human metabolism. Nutritional survey results report that while magnesium deficiency is rare, Americans could use supplemental magnesium to make up for dietary shortfalls. Magnesium and calcium act synergistically to regulate apoptosis (cell death)