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Bilberry 6000mg

Bilberry contains anthocyanins (also called anthocyanosides, which are the blue pigments responsible for the color of ripe Bilberries), flavonoids, oligomeric procyanidins and other phytochemicals. This product is standardized to contain 21.6 mg of anthocyanosides per tablet to ensure optimal strength and quality. The phytochemicals in Bilberry work together to:
  • promote vascular integrity
  • build healthy connective tissue
  • ease the effects of occasional aching or throbbing discomfort
  • support and maintain normal fluid levels
  • support healthy peripheral circulation
  • support healthy response to environmental stresses
  • enhance urinary tract function
  • maintain healthy eyes
  • provide antioxidant protection 

Suggested Use:1 tablet 2 - 4 times daily, or as directed.