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Betafood contains beets to support digestion and intestinal function.*
Provides methyl donors to support liver's natural detoxification processes
Contains naturally occurring betaine for liver and cardiovascular health
Supports normal processing of dietary fats*
What is Betafood?
Betafood is beet supplement containing the complex nutritional benefit of both the beet leaf and the beet root. Beet root is rich in several bioactive compounds that may provide health benefits,1 and beet leaves can also have antioxidant properties.2 Naturally occurring phytochemicals in beets, like betaine, supply cellular factors used in the conversion of homocysteine to methionine as well as support for normal fluid balance in cells.3*

How does Betafood help maintain healthy liver?
Beets have been studied for their potential to promote healthy liver function. For example, in mice fed a high-cholesterol diet, supplementing with red beet leaf resulted in healthier fat profiles (reduced lipid peroxidation) in blood and the major organs, including the liver.4 Supplementation with beet root has been considered for its potential to reduce various means of oxidative stress