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Arginex® supports the organs that help cleanse the body, primarily the liver and kidneys.

Promotes healthy breakdown of protein byproducts in the liver
Helps to maintain healthy kidney function*
How does Arginex support body detoxification and promote healthy blood vessels?
Phytonutrients from the plant ingredients in Arginex provide a spectrum of bioactive compounds that form a matrix of nutrition meant to mimic the complexity of food and provide support for nutrient absorption. Buckwheat leaf and seed, grown regularly on the Standard Process organic farm, contribute naturally occurring rutin for antioxidant activity.1,2 The inclusion of bovine liver provides glandular and nutritive support for the body as a whole, especially the liver. Nutrients in Arginex provide a natural aid to help the kidneys remove metabolic byproducts from the blood and promote healthy blood vessels.