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Bio-Dent provides synergistic ingredients to support cell function and a healthy skeletal system.*
Addresses the energy needs of muscle tissue
Aids in the maintenance of healthy muscle, bone, and skin
Supports the body's natural processes of growth, development, and repair of teeth
Supports bone remodeling*
How does Bio-Dent support skeletal and muscular health?
Bio-Dent contains amino acids and bone supporting whole food ingredients like bovine bone and veal bone. Among other responsibilities, bone tissue acts as a storehouse for minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, and manganese as well as for the amino acids and proteins that are an important component of collagen, which forms the organic matrix for bone, and growth factors that regulate bone synthesis.1,2 Calcium and phosphorus in Bio-Dent are important for the healthy formation and maintenance of bones, gums, and teeth.3,4*

How does Bio-Dent promote healthy cellular function?
Bio-Dent supports cellular function and general tissue health by supplying complex nutrition from targeted isolates and ingredients sourced from whole foods. Calcium acts at the cellular level in critical cell-signaling pathways.5 Calcium is also important for the support of healthy blood.6,7 Calcium works with phosphorus to maintain balance (homeostasis), using bones for reserve storage of minerals.8,9 Calcium promotes normal nerve responses to stimulation.